Nine Self Love Affirmations to Encourage + Inspire You

Self love isn’t just about affirmations.

It’s not about all the beauty and glory you might see plastered across social media platforms. Self love and care is hard work. It’s dirty work and it’s uncomfortable but worth it. If you’re experiencing true growth and self improvement, it’s bound to be a little painful.

Affirmations are a good way to remind yourself just how powerful and amazing you are. Life gets difficult and sometimes reassurance is needed in order keep you on track. Remember, you’re a boss. You’re that B*TCH. I personally love writing down and reciting affirmations out loud—not only when I’m in the midst of a crisis and completely losing my shit BUT also when everything is all good. For me, doing so makes even the best day a little brighter. Think of it as extra sprinkles for the free on your favorite sundae on a sunny day. Pretty much gets no better.

As cliche as it sounds, speaking positively to yourself over your life in the midst of havoc WILL make a difference. Almost a week ago, my spirits were extremely low. I was in a terrible mood, pissed off, mad, mean…just a mess! After I got over myself and let the anger pass, I finally decided to be nice to myself. I said a couple of my favorite affirmations over and over and over. I was almost immediately immersed in gratitude because at that moment, I started thinking about all the good things in my life. Perspective really is everything… of course, when you’re pissed, you’re not trying to think about no damn perspective. Trust, I know. It was hard to pull myself out that rut but I did it. You can too!

pics taken by  Laiken Joy

pics taken by Laiken Joy

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
— Lucille Ball

These are just a couple of my favorite things to say to self when I need a little extra encouragement. Some might be familiar to you already, while others could easily be added to you list:

-I’m worthy of love and happiness.

-My life is a gift as I will treat it as such.

-I am capable. I have the ability to do anything I want.

-I am enough. (This is my favorite affirmation EVAAAAA)

-I attract love in the highest form possible. I radiate love and I’m grateful for the loving individuals in my life.

-I embrace optimism.

-I adore all parts of me. The good, bad and ugly. I work diligently but carefully to improve the things I want to change.

-I’m surrounded with love and I exude positivity and good vibes in all that I do.

-I am in full control of my destiny. I face each day with a clear head and humble spirit, ready for whatever comes my way.

So ladies and gents, as we approach a new month and year, focus heavily on making sure you’re right within. Do what you need to keep your spirits high so you can get the most out of this life. You deserve so ACT LIKE IT!!!!!! :)

peace and blessings,


A Flight Around the World of Bourbon: Private Tasting at Whiskey and Sticks

Any variation of whiskey is my go to when I’m out for drinks. Sometimes I’ll take it neat, I might get it on the rocks or I'll go with a trusty dusty Manhattan or Old Fashioned. It really just depends on how I’m feeling. I love whiskey how I love Mexican food so you know it’s real…the love is damn near unbreakable.

This past Saturday, I was invited to a private whiskey tasting hosted by Partners In C.R.O.W.N at Whiskey and Sticks on Bayou Road. That was my first time visiting that bar AND I found out it’s black-owned so I’ll definitely be back sooner than later. Let me just say that this was a very well put together event. The tasting was very informative, I met some pretty cool people and there was food, y’all. I was greeted at the door with my boarding pass and was then directed to my seat on the flight.


Partners In C.R.O.W.N comprises two bourbon enthusiasts that really know their stuff when it comes to that brown. These men are passionate about showcasing their love for this fine beverage all while educating people about the origin of certain pours. We learned about types of bourbons and what classifies a drink as whiskey, then we got the chance to taste some pretty legit options. By pretty legit, I mean this stuff was gooood. Good and strong. Like, whew. The Bottled In Bond (Henry McKenna) was my personal fave, as it didn’t have a bad aftertaste—it was the smoothest one to me. This tasting encouraged me to step outside of my my comfort zone when it comes to ordering my usual cocktails. Might as well mix it up…I mean, it’s all good stuff and you’re gonna get tipsy regardless!


My favorite part about the tasting was rinsing out my Glencairn glass in between pours with built up anticipation of what the next one would taste like. Some people tasted dark fruit and oak in samples and others tasted toffee and brown sugar. Also, it was fun experimenting with all the cheeses and chocolates, blending up flavors to see what tasted best. As you can see, there was a number of options to choose from so of course I got a little creative with it. This is what I did for the Small Batch (Elijah Craig) sample: I took a sip, ate a tiny piece of chocolate then took another sip (much bigger one this time) followed by a little bit of brie cheese. It was…a party in my mouth—I honestly can’t describe it. Phenomenal? I’m sure I sound like I’m exaggerating but maybe this was one of those you had to be there moments. Yeah, it had to be because that shit was great.


I will definitely be making my way back to this bar soon just like I’ll for sure be at the next Partners In C.R.O.W.N event! Make sure you follow them on Instagram so you can stay up to date with all news and all things whiskey. Until next time, sip thine drink slow, my friends.

peace and blessings,


My Birthday Celebration: Staycation at Ponchartrain Hotel

It’s that time again.

It’s that wonderful time of year when one gives thanks for all the lessons learned throughout the year. The time when people typically reflect on life in general while stuffing their face with cake and washing it down with a couple of shots of alcohol. Or more than a couple, whose counting? Who really cares?

But yessir if you didn’t know, I’m talking about a birthday!

December 14th is my birthday and this year I decided to do a very mini staycation at the Ponchartrain Hotel on St. Charles Ave. I’ve never done a staycation so I figured this was a perfect time to make it happen. I’ve been meaning to do one since forever so what better occasion to try something new than for a birthday?!


So, what can be said about this past year? Hmmm. 26 26, man you were truly something else. First and foremost, I will say it was definitely filled with a bunch of ups and downs. I had typical wins and losses but the main thing that sticks out to me amidst that is the growth I’ve experienced. I pushed myself in areas of my life I was once stagnant in. For example, the shit on my mental bucket list was piling up something serious, so I started taking more action and making it a priority to start scratching things off. I stopped being so concerned with the what ifs and became more worried about just doing. It’s crazy, I’m sitting here thinking back to this time last year, and all the goals I had in place. It feels amazing to look back and see how I made a lot of those things happen over time. You’ll have way more regrets if you count yourself out before even giving your true potential a chance to shine through. Sometimes you gotta just go for it.


So, back to these staycation vibes I was on. I love the ambiance of this hotel and the service is top notch. I’ve been here a few times to visit the rooftop bar and restaurant, so I knew the actual stay would be just as nice. A staycation was just what I needed to get me out of whatever rut I was in; I wanted (needed) a lil break from my everyday routine. Let me just say, I loveeeddd staying here and this experience has me already ready to plan my next adventure.


I had the super talented and dope Laiken Joy take some pictures of me to help celebrate my day. I briefly explained my ideas to her and she managed to bring it to life like it was nothing! Please go check out her work and show her some love. She’s amazing.

As you can see, champagne was in the picture. I know you see it, i just wanted to reiterate. Y’all just don’t know how many times I poured up talking bout some, “cheers to another year”. You’d think once or twice would be good but nah. Besides literally being on a 24 hour champagne diet, I was really happy to spend the day really just reflecting on all I’ve overcome lately while expressing gratitude for being able to see another year.


Overall, my birthday was lovely. All I was looking forward to doing was relaxing and recharging. I also got to spend some time with a couple cool people, I ate good all day (i mean ALLLL day), and I had a bunch of uninterrupted reading time. If you know me, you know important that is so I was grateful. *raises glass here’s to 27! May this upcoming year be even more prosperous and wonderful. May I break barriers and chase my dreams harder than ever. Let’s get it!

peace and blessings,