Final Thoughts on Ego is the Enemy

If you follow me on Snapchat, you've seen me post highlighted passages, pages and all that jazz from this book. From praise hand emojis and me typing out, "BRUH THISSSSS" as a means to cosign, you've seen it and yes, it was that real. I also feel like if you follow me on Snapchat or just know me in real life, you knew a post about this book was coming.

I took Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday with me everywhere I went while I was reading it. It came with me to work, out to eat, to the bar--you name it, it was there. Though I seem to do that with any book, this one was to the point where if I pulled off from my house and realized I didn't have it, I would turn back around and go get it.

Okay, so in the shortest of short summary: this book convicted tf out of me AND touched on so many questions I didn't even know i needed answered.

This text furthermore reiterated that even though you feel like you "deserve" something-- be it recognition, more money or a particular status, you have to continuously put yourself in a position to absorb and learn. You have to stay humble in the midst of your climb to greatness because that's the only way you'll truly acquire more. Working hard and staying humble is the recipe.

Out of this entire amazing piece of work, there were two sections in particular that stood out to me: Get Out of Your Own Head and Work, Work, Work. This book is divided up into three parts and these two sections can be found in part one. Y'all, I can even begin to explain how difficult it was to narrow it down. I reread the entire part one entitled, "Aspire" just to make sure i didn't miss anything. Hell, i reread several sections throughout the book and i'm most likely going to reread the whole thing again. This just isn't one of those books that you read then stuff back on the bookshelf, so don't even try it.

Okay, what was it about Get Out of Your Own Head that was so moving to me, you ask? No one asked but I'm gonna tell you anyway. I tend to get so caught up in my own thoughts sometimes. Like most people, I'll have all these extravagant plans and ideas and it takes me forever to execute because I'm stuck in my mind. This section touched on the importance of limiting the chatter that can take over your mind at times. It reminded me to just stay present, stop thinking so sooo much and just do. You've got the keys and you're able, so just make it happen. 

Work, Work, Work was such a necessary section for me to come across when I did. Holiday really delved in on work, why it's important and why you'll never truly get anywhere without it. You can be as talented as you wanna be, but someone else who's not as talented is somewhere working their ass off. While you're comfortable with praise and being so "good", there's someone putting in those late night hours with the mission of being better.  I've always been a hard worker: on the job, with my crafts and side interests; I've always prided myself on going the distance to make magic happen. However, this section put me in check when it comes to work, because work, work, work is the only way you'll ever reach anything anyway. Consistent work. So yeah, I have all these things I say I want. I have a vision in my mind of how i picture my life. Good, that's great. I have to keep working to get there. You get no pat on the back for doing what's necessary to get where you say you wanna go. Just keep grinding and remain humble.

I want people to read this. I want y'all to have realizations about yourself, your goals, dreams, and how to reach them. I want this book to become essential to you as it is for me. It really is a good and engaging read, so please let me know if you decide to give it a go!

peace and blessings,