How to Successfully Plan a Solo Trip

I'm no extreme expert on this, but I did take a solo trip earlier this year and I did a damn good job of planning it. I learned a lot from that experience and I can't wait to put what I learned into action for my next solo excursion. By the way, said excursion will take place sooner than later (yay) so stay tuned!

SOOOO, your boss approved your PTO request or you just respectfully let those good people know that you have plans for a couple days and won't be able to be in the office. Cool. Either way, you're free! Now you can get started planning a bomb ass, memorable trip for yourself. Congrats.

Something very important that I remained mindful of throughout the whole process is that it was ONLY me financing all the fun. There was no one to go 50/50 with me on anything, so I had to be smart AND realistic about all expenses. I'm talking accommodations, food, activities, etc. I know people love to flex for good ol' Instagram and Snapchat (do people still use that?) but if you don't have it, you don't have it and that's fine. There are tons of things to do when traveling that will allow you to stay within your budget. It's all a matter of doing a little research. You don't wanna be heading back home with your bank account in the negative because you just had to do the most for your Instagram stories.

Another helpful tip is to avoid waiting until the last minute to plan. I personally fall victim to this at times and it made trying to jet set anywhere an absolute pain in the ass. Once you have a potential destination in mind, immediately look up flights and hotels or hostels. Jump on it. You have to be a bit restless with this until you have things locked in and booked. Pressure makes diamonds, people lol. Also, once you come up with a budget, stick to it and make everything else work around that--not the other way around. If you say you’re not willing to pay more than $400 roundtrip for a flight, stick to that and be consistent. There are tons of great sites to find cheap flights and great deals. My favorites are Skyscanner and Expedia. The further out you attempt to book, the cheaper your flight will be (but duh y’all knew that already).

Flight is booked, you found a nice place to stay and you’ve even lined up a few fun things to do once you touch down wherever. What now?

This next tip is very crucial because I could have done more of this when I was planning a solo trip— SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. I don’t care if you’re under budget, save more. You never know when a few more coins will come in handy, nor do you know what’ll happen. It’s always better to be on the safer side of things. Let’s say you get your entire trip booked up at least a month in advance. Set money aside each week to go towards your miscellaneous travel fund. I repeat, even if you already have your budget under control, if you have the means— save more. What harm will it do? When I hit Belize, I decided last minute that I wanted to do a tour some locals talked up to me. Had i just been relying on the money I had originally had set aside for the trip, that would’ve been pushing it. But because I saved more, I was able to enjoy some extra stuff at ease. Traveling alone can be hella fun and exhilarating; you really just need to take the planning part serious.

Okay. You’ve got all that other technical shit together, now you’re just nervous about being anywhere by yourself.


Let me just tell you, it’s not that bad, but this is also coming from someone who enjoys doing things alone. If you’re a person who has to be with people 24/7, I’d advise branching out in your hometown solo first. Hit a happy hour alone, the movies or maybe lunch. Get comfortable with being alone in familiar territory and build up that confidence. Doing things alone strengthens you as a being because it forces you to take charge and become more self reliant. You develop a deeper appreciation for life in general (well at least I did) and that new perspective pours over into all other areas.

One of my favorite things about solo travel is being on my own time. If you know me personally, you know how important that is to me. I hate being rushed and I hate for people to try and plan out MY time. I never had any doubts that I wouldn’t like traveling alone, but ever since the first time, I’ve been too ready to go again.

peace and blessings,