A Full Life Detox: Benefits + Three Ways to Make it Happen

Of course, a week or so of trading in processed foods for healthier options will do the body good, but sometimes we need to do more than flush out toxins in our bodies. We need to cut dead ends and get rid of things in our lives, period. Yes, even those things we contemplate about but still hold on to. A full life detox actually sounds overwhelming...ly good. LOL. I mean, think about it! If focusing on dieting and exercise over a few days can make your system feel better, how in the world do you think taking that same mindful approach to the rest of your life will be?!

The thought of undergoing anything similar to a life detox hit me all out the blue one day last week. I remember I was backing out of my parking spot at home and I just thought to myself how I needed to shake stuff up in my life. I wanted to do different things, feel better and more free, feel less restricted, etc. I couldn't quite put it into words at the time, but I soon got it together though: ISSA FULL LIFE DETOX, BOO.

1. DECLUTTER. Yes, even those water bottles riding shotty in your car. Throw them in the recycle bin. Throw away anything unnecessary that you consistently come in contact with. Be it in your car, your office, your room; get rid of the clutter. Less stuff in the way equals a much clearer mind.

2. DISCONNECT + GO ON A SOCIAL MEDIA HIATUS. Orrrrr, just limit your usage. If you normally find yourself refreshing Twitter then heading back to Instagram, then Facebook and Snapchat just because, choose just one to "stay in the know" with if you must. From there, go cold turkey. Trust me, time away from social media is so freeing and you'd be surprised with how much more you could get accomplished. Social media will have you scrolling and scrolling and before you know it, it's the next day. NOPE! I mentioned the importance of disconnecting on my blog before, so of course I had to bring it up again here. Don't become a slave to any of your devices, especially your phone. Disconnecting is vital because it allows you to be more in tune with self and your inner thoughts. Instead of constantly checking your phone, journal or read. Pick up on new hobbies that require you to be present. The distance from your device will contribute to a fresh mindset.

3. SWITCH UP YOUR DIET. Add. More. Greens. I feel like y'all knew this was coming. I've found myself trading in my yummy egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches and hashbrowns for a hearty smoothie or steel cut oats in the morning. This happens most days, but I still like to indulge every now and then. It's about balance. Just try to add in more nutritious foods and focus on making better choices. Skip fried and opt for grilled. Get the salad instead (ugh I know the struggle) and drink more water. A bunch of little changes can set you up for success on a larger scale.

There are tonnsssss of ways you can go about doing a full life detox, but these are just a few things I've done. In order to really live our best lives, we have to slow down and take things away that aren't serving us anymore. Oh the joy of being self aware!

peace and blessings,