Three Reasons to Declutter + Release.

I’ve been in the abrupt mood to get rid of all the things. No discussions or second thoughts, just garbage bags.

I have no idea where this urge came from but I refuse to fight it. I typically have no issue holding on to certain things; they could be the most meaningless items but I’ll make sure they have a spot to…hold up space. WHY? This has become somewhat of an issue for me because I really am curious to know what the cause is. Do I have some form of separation anxiety or something?

I remember at the beginning of last year, I went through a good bit of my stuff and ended up feeling so light and free after I had a mini “decluttering” session. I donated a bunch of clothes, boxed up and discarded others. I must be itching to have that same feeling again because when I tell y’all a lot of this shit can go…I mean it. And really, it’s not even because I want to make room for anything new. I just want some form of a fresh start.

I’m always looking for ways to better myself and I know a nice clean sweep will contribute to that notion. While this need to have next to nothing in my space came completely out of the blue, I feel like the universe tries to get me to pay attention to my wellbeing in subtle ways. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed and I know a clearer space is needed. That urgency to release is how I can take a step in the right direction.

Looking back at this year so far, I’ve done a lot of letting go. I let go of some people. I let go of fear and apprehension that held me back from pursuing my dreams. I let go of stressing myself out about the future and I stopped thinking so much about what may or may not happen. Since I let go of all that over these few months, why not take it a step further and really do away with physical things?

Why is decluttering necessary? What’s so liberating about releasing?

Think about it… you’re literally freeing up space. You have more room and less to look at, so you’re not as bogged down. Every decluttering session I’ve had over the years has left me feeling fresh, new and in a much clearer headspace.

-MORE MINDFULNESS. Getting rid of anything you possess shows intent. You’re aware that you have a bunch of shit and you’re deciding to let it go. Be it you want to change your daily views, or maybe you want to actually create more space, you’re being mindful about how you go about it.

-CLUTTER IS UNHEALTHY. It just is. Your mind is forever in a whirlwind, you feel unsettled, and the excess things can collect more dirt, dust, etc. Keeping it minimal is good idea overall.

-WE LOVE A STRESS FREE DOMAIN. You know that relaxed feeling you get when you’re in an area that lacks all the extra? The essentials are mainly what’s present and the vibe is just different because of it. You can easily move around and there isn’t a bunch of shit piled up everywhere. My goal is to make sure all the places i spend the most time mimic a minimalism-type of guideline.

peace and blessings,