You Are KAYpable: Lifting Your Spirits with Kayla Price

It’s not about dwelling on the negative and staying down, it’s about focusing on the positive and getting back up.
— Kayla Price

You’ve probably seen an influx of tweets or memes on Instagram talking about positive vibes, staying free of the bullshit or something of the sort, especially since we just started a new year. “i’m not letting anything get to me in 2019.” crickets

Being happy and full of joy ALL the time isn’t realistic because you’re gonna have your low points and that’s fine. And let me just say this— nothing is wrong with letting things get to you. Nothing is wrong with something genuinely upsetting your spirit. Please don’t let people make you feel as though if you’re upset, you need to immediately toughen up and get over it. That’s not how “healing” works. We’re all different and operate at different paces in EVERY aspect of life. The main point of the matter is to address your anger and not let it thrive. Dassit.

Lets be real, sometimes life can get overwhelming to the point where we feel like we’re drowning in desperation. We feel subpar at best when it comes to work, school or creative endeavors and we constantly tell ourselves that we can’t do anything right. Essentially, we take all of our energy and put it towards this never ending “sob story” that becomes the focal point of our minds.

You have to realize that you are your greatest motivator.
— KP

So, here’s the question of the hour : how do you go about lifting up your spirits when those moments hit? Sadness is inevitable and shit happens, BUT I know you’re not trying to stay down and wallow in that foolishness long term. What are YOU gonna do? You always have a choice. Personally, when I get in my moods, I acknowledge my feels, then I actively try to find ways to get in a better headspace. That might mean writing out my frustrations, crying, meditating longer than usual or just sitting in silence. Over time as you really get to know self, you’ll figure out the best tactics for the bounce back. Because you WILL bounce back. You hear me?! You will.


I had a nice lil chat with Kayla Price, YouTuber and pre med student. We talked all about lifting our spirits amidst adversity and troubling times. Since this is something we all experience, I think it’s refreshing to get a different perspective every now and then. In a recent video of hers, she talked about overcoming hard times, feeling inadequate and being unsure about the future. Y’all…when she starting tearing up in the video, I FELT that. I almost had to go get some tissue for myself. When something hits close to home, it HITS.

LA: Do you have a go-to thing you do to lift your spirits when things get tough?

KP: When things get tough I like to take long showers, or drive with no music and the windows down. It really gives me an opportunity to clear my head. I also like to practice breathing exercises and that definitely helps a lot. (Same, sis. Same.)

What advice would you give someone struggling with feeling helpless and not enough more often than not?

I would really tell them that you have to find strength within God and yourself. I’ve struggled with feeling down on numerous occasions, and ultimately, you have to realize that you are your you are your greatest motivator. When you imagine your dreams, you think of where you see YOURSELF, no one else. And when you use that as your motivation you will always strive to go farther.

What are some of the first things you tell yourself whenever you feel inadequate? How do you boost positivity on your end when things get stressful at school or work?

I constantly tell myself, “Kayla, you can do this. Get back up and try again.” I zero in on my end goal in whatever task I’m trying to complete in whatever time frame I need to complete it in. It is OKAY to have a bad day at school or work. It’s inevitable to have one of those days. But it’s not about dwelling on the negative and staying down, but focusing on the positive and getting back up.

What are your top five feel good songs?

Kelly Price – Migos

All About Our Love – Sade

Beyoncé – Crazy in Love

Gold Link – Crew

Darwin Hobbs ft. Michael McDonald – Everryday

Do you implement a consistent self-care routine into your everyday life? If so, what do you do and how does that help you throughout the day?

If I could consider my morning routine as a part of my self-care routine then yes! For about two months now, I listen to gospel, sermons, devotionals, or I will mediate with no music in the mornings. It’s a great way to start my day because it allows me to center my focus. I don’t want the first thing I feed my spirit to be anything that could block my vision! It is definitely a lot more inspiring!

If you want to see and hear more from Kayla, make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel and check her out on Instagram! Also, make sure you check out KayPable Wednesdays, a YouTube segment she has where she inspires and challenges viewers to keep a positive mindset.

peace and blessings,