Ultimate Confidence with Isabel Palacios

Life is too short to fit into other people’s molds of beauty.
— Isabel Palacios

While laying in bed one afternoon, listening to sad music and stuffing my face with half of a Snickers bar (yes, it was one of those days), i randomly decided to go to YouTube and that's when i came across Isabel. She was spewing positivity and good vibes left and right on her channel and it was honestly just what i needed to hear at that moment. I pulled myself together, and within minutes was reminded of how hardships don't last and adversity is just a test that molds you for the future. I was in a funk, but hearing some encouraging words definitely made me channel my "badass" mode yet again. I reached out to this beauty to talk more about confidence in women, believing in yourself and how to not get thrown off when tough times come at you....hard. 

So, i came across your channel early April when i was going through a LOT (a breakup, shift in career, feeling a lack of creativity, etc), and a few of your videos helped me snap out of that momentary funk i was in. Have you always been such a positive, inspirational person?

 I'm so happy to hear you've gotten out of that rut! Life is just a bunch of ups and downs. The key is being prepared for the lows so they won't hit as hard! I've had times in life where I was very low, depressed, and with lots of anxiety. I've definitely always been optimistic by nature but in the past few years I went through a lot of difficulty where it was VERY hard to be optimistic. It felt like the whole world was collapsing around me, and in many ways my life was collapsing. However, I was tired of feeling that way and I wanted to regain control of my life and my thoughts. That was when I made the conscious effort to never allow my mindset to be that way again and embraced positivity, the Law of Attraction, and just loving myself again. Everything changed for the better after that!

Tough times are an unavoidable part of life that we all experience. How do you stay on top of your game and fierce when you go through rough patches in your life?

Staying positive is key. You have to understand everything in life is temporary; both the good and the bad. When I go through something I think it's so important to let the emotions out, either through a creative outlet or just by crying it out at home with your favorite food and a glass of wine. However, its important to pick yourself up and carry on after that. I always tell myself that when bad things are happening, it's cause God or the Universe if preparing me for the blessings I've been asking for. I be sure to workout, nourish my body, drink lots of water, and use the negative energy as fuel to work harder and improve myself. 

You mentioned in your How To Be a Confident Woman video that being confident is very humbling because you're aware of your flaws and what makes you different. Do you feel a level of maturity comes with uncovering your own ultimate confidence?

Of course! As the saying goes, "Girls compete with each other, women lift each other up." I feel that being confident has allowed me to help other women instead of competing with them or feeling threatened by them. I understand and accept my flaws and my strong points. I understand that others have their flaws and perfections, as well. True confidence and maturity is not necessarily determined by age. I've come across young girls with way more confidence than a woman in her 50s. It's all about mindset and freeing yourself from competing with others! 

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I've heard some women say how hard it is to "do their own thing" and how they unknowingly try to keep up with what the media portrays as the latest and greatest. This can do serious damage to someone trying to build their confidence or one who is on a shaky self love journey. What would you say to someone who gauges their worth by how they measure up to the media?

I would tell them to wake up and realize that the media is controlled by old men you've never seen before that want to inculcate an agenda on the masses! As conspiratorial that may sound, it's sadly the truth. Industries make money off of your insecurities and you trying to change who you are to fit this 'beauty' standard that the media has imposed on you. Beauty and worth are all relative. My idea of beauty is very different from what yours may be, and vice versa. Life is too short to fit into other people's molds of beauty. Don't waste your life, energy, time, and money trying to be something unattainable or that's not 'you'. 

Life is hectic and random, and...crazy lol (at times). What are some ways you maintain peace in your own little world? Do you feel like not making sure your wellbeing is in check can bring down someones confidence?

Yes, confidence and self-love go hand in hand. Taking care of yourself not only mentally, but physically, is the foundation of confidence. When you look after yourself, you feel better about yourself afterwards! As far as maintaining my peace, it all stems from the mindset I explained earlier. I no longer try to control things beyond my control and I do my best to live without attachments. I think working out, especially if you have anxiety, is the best thing. I also love listening to music. Im a Pisces so music is everything to me! I prefer classical music, oldies, and music with positive energy. 

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would you tell her?

Gosh, if I could travel back in time I would get my teenage self and slap her! Seriously, I would tell her to focus and stop worrying about the frivolous things. But then again, if I hadn't made the mistakes I made back then, I wouldn't be who I am today. I would for sure tell her about the Law of Attraction, though! 

You mentioned in one of your videos that Oprah was an inspiration to you. Do you have any other people you look up to?

 Yes, I love Oprah because she broke the mold! I'm honestly inspired by anyone who says 'f you' to society and decides to be successful doing their own thing. History's most brilliant minds didn't conform to societal standards and paved their own path. Some of my inspirations are Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, Candice Neistat, Casey Neistat, and Sophia Amoruso. I can honestly sit here all day naming those that have inspired me. I love learning from others.

What's your definition of a badass, confident and self-loving woman?

In my humble opinion, it's a woman who does what she wants, lifts others up, wears what she wants, thinks what she wants, carries herself with grace, and doesn't bother with the pettiness or drama. They are women who don't take no for an answer and keep going no matter what life throws at them. They are women who know their worth, no matter if they are in a relationship or single. I think most importantly they are women that support other women and are not worrying about what others have!

It was awesome to be able to connect with Isabel and hear her perspective on the very thing some women battle with daily: confidence. If you wanna see more of her, follow her on Instagram @princesspalacios and don't forget to check out her videos and subscribe to her YouTube channel here!

peace and blessings,