Three Inspirational Women and How They've Impacted Me

If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, these together ought to be able to turn it back and get it right side up again.”
— Sojourner Truth

In honor of International Women’s Month, I felt the need to shed some light on a few lovely ladies that I find most inspiring. They’re a bunch of bosses too so that’s just the cherry on top. Can’t leave out that super important detail. Beauty, brains and a boss mentality? It’s honestly just a trifecta of awesomeness that I’m here for. This month and every month we celebrate women, our achievements and our willingness to succeed in a world where the odds are constantly stacked against us. We are beautiful, ambitious, talented, worthy…literally so much more that can’t be accurately summarized. These three ladies have been key factors when it comes to inspiring me and my grind so I really just want to take a moment to show them some appreciation!

Carlie Carpio of holistically dope.

Women who inspire me to live my best, healthiest and most aligned life are my favorite. Carlie runs a podcast called Carlie’s Couch with Lex where they discuss the importance of crafting a life you love, staying true to self and above all, being gentle with yourself in the process. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be hectic, but we have to always remember to refocus and check in with ourselves internally. Carlie is also a personal trainer and yoga instructor (among wearing so many other professional/creative hats because boss lady) so she’s a true advocate for feeling good from the inside out. She inspires me to be mindful about the food I consume, to make time for more meditation and self awareness, working out and really just putting my goals at the forefront of my life then shamelessly attacking them. Glasses up to you, Carlie girl!


Courtney brand of thebwerd.

This woman is amazing. She’s a bomb PR professional who is also the creator of one of my absolute favorite lifestyle blogs. Courtney has been SO helpful to me throughout my blogging journey in ways she doesn’t even realize. Through ebooks, resource guides and tons of random info, she helped me realize that when it comes to blogging and creating a strong brand and social media presence, it starts with you and how hard you’re willing to work for it—anything is possible. I was only giving 10% of me thinking I was doing soooo much, but then I’d be upset when my results were 10% as well. My motto for this year has been this very simple phrase: keep your head down and work. Once I got a clear handle on my creative goals, things started to line up for me and the road ahead seemed a little less blurry. But the key thing here is the work. Consistent and hard work. Through the frustrations and self doubt, Courtney has helped me find that spark to continue believing in myself to achieve whatever I set out to do creatively. I just wanna take a minute to thank her for being the boss that she is!


Michelle obama.

Ah, thee queen. She HAD TO be on this list for me. She just had to. One thing I absolutely adore about this woman is how authentic she is and how she throws inspiration around like confetti. The way she lifts up women (black women especially) is simply beautiful. In her book, she highlights the power we as women possess by merely existing and how she worked to follow her passions yet still make a lasting impacts within her community. Reading about her journey since she was just a little girl instantly made me feel like I could do absolutely anything with a discipline, faith and hard work. Thank you, Auntie Michelle.


Bottom line: Women are amazing as hell. If you haven’t already, take a moment to reflect on a the women you have in your life that push you to be your best self! Let them know they’re appreciated, loved and respected.

peace and blessings,


How to Motivate Yourself When Things Are Off

Pull up a chair, love. Lets talk.

No matter who you are or what you do, you’re bound to run into those moments when you’re just not motivated. Those times when the idea of doing nothing but being wrapped up in some warm bedsheets sounds like a dream (thee dream) is unavoidable and they can creep up on us without warning, making us feel inadequate, lazy, etc. Sometimes this happens more often than we would like but we have to keep pushing because responsibilities and real life don’t stop for us. We have a list of things we can’t avoid because we have deadlines to meet. We have people depending on us. But if one were to take a little peek into the cluster fuck of confusion we’re experiencing internally, they’d see we’re not fit to perform at our best. cues tiny violins.

Usually when things are “off” for me creatively, I step away from whatever it is I’m working on until I feel sprouts of inspiration again. I don’t pressure myself to make “magic”. I look at it like this; the whole purpose of creating (for me) is for it to be fun and fulfilling. If things aren’t lining up in that moment, I can’t beat myself up over it. It took me some time to get to this point but I truly feel a sense of peace now that I’ve learned to go with the flow and not let the very natural thing such as not feeling motivated 24/7 bog me down.

“What about when you lack motivation professionally with tasks you can’t just let sit until you feel inspired?”

If you’ve reached a point at work where the thought of mandatory projects or everyday responsibilities makes you cringe, there are a few things you can do to remedy the disinterest. Let’s take me for example: I was having the hardest time at work around this time last month. I lacked enthusiasm and I was in this constant state of annoyance when it came to…working lol. It was a mess and each day seemed to bring on a new set of struggles. Bottom line was that I had to adapt to what was happening because there was no running. I had to get intentional about getting out of that rut because fighters fight…period. If you’re reading this, I believe you’re a fighter too. So c’mon, lets do this. You got it! (This is me being your virtual cheerleader so you might as well embrace it!)


If you’re like me, when you’re really bothered, it’s difficult to focus on what’s right. You’re wrapped up in the problem at hand. Please realize that this is just a phase and how you get through it is up to you (because you WILL get through it). In that initial moment of feeling a lack of motivation, think about what could’ve brought you to this point. Be honest with yourself and think about what could’ve been a trigger. Instead of complaining, be driven to find solutions; that alone will improve your mood and help you get back on track. As cliche as it sounds, the power of the mind is something serious. Think it and it shall be.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
— Confucious

Give yourself some time

YOU GUESSED IT. TAKE A BREAK. STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BREATHE. I don’t know why I used to feel like if I shut down shop for any amount of time, that would cause everything around me to go haywire. When you think about it, you’d actually be worse off if you force yourself to do shit you’re not in headspace thats conducive to any type of real results. Trust me on this one, relax. Take some time for self then get back in the swing of things when you’re feeling better.

eliminate distractions

I think most of the times that I find myself truly unmotivated, a direct cause is the fact that I’m hella distracted. Usually if I can get some damn order in my personal life, that motivation isn’t too far behind. For example, I love to read. Mindful reading requires concentration and the ability to stay focused for an extended period of time. If I can’t sit for 30 minutes to an hour and just read, that’s how I know in some area of my life motivation is lacking. Ah, gotta love self awareness.

turn to your feel-good playlist

Because some songs just make you feel like you’re the baddest, most invincible being known to man. You need the same energy rappers have when they talk about their money and success. Buck that head of yours up and get to work, sis.

look at how far you’ve come

Look at your progress. Look at all the leaps and bounds you’ve made and think back to when you were hoping and praying to be where you are now. Give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve done and use that as fuel to keep on pushing. The road to whatever the fuck it is you’re trying to achieve isn’t some cakewalk, so definitely remember where you came from. I instantly feel relief and a sense of peace whenever I’m reminded of my own progress. It’s refreshing and humbling and also makes me get out of my own head when things don’t immediately go my way.

peace and blessings,


Creating a Mindful + Peaceful Morning Routine

Nothing is worse than your day going to shits because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But imagine waking up on that wrong side of the bed everyday for a week straight…tragic to say the very least. Can you imagine the toll and strain that foolishness can have on you long term? Bruh, that’s what we’re NOT about to do, so that’s why it’s important to have a morning routine that promotes calmness and positivity.

The morning is the perfect time to get in the right headspace before you tackle your day. I’ve found that the smallest things can either make or break it for me, so I make it a point to be intentional about how I carve out those first few hours. Like most people, I don’t care for a bunch of noise, chaos or talking. Also, a good morning starts with the night before. That’s key.


-NIGHTTIME TEA OR WINE AND A GOOD BOOK: This has become somewhat of a staple in my routine just like showering is. No matter if it’s 30 mins to an hour, I look forward to that window of time for me to be able to do this. If I’ve had a crazy and super stressful day, I’ll opt for my nighttime tea. If not, red wine is the move.

-DO NOT DISTURB: I have my phone set to do not disturb between the hours of 10:30pm and like 7:00am. Even if you don’t anticipate people blowing up your phone all night, it’s still a good option and a good way to make sure that nothing distracts you.

-GET UP AND MOVE: Try to avoid laying in bed just scrolling on social media when you first wake up. Greet the new day with some action! Get up, stretch, and go make some tea/coffee. Get moving as soon as you wake up. This makes a difference for me because the longer I stay in bed, the less I really want to get up. It’s definitely a struggle at first but try to stay consistent with it for a few days to see the impact it can make.

-SET INTENTIONS: I do this most mornings…really almost every morning. I like to get my journal and write out a few affirmations. If I had been feeling defeated, I’ll write something like: “I handle all hardships and adversity that comes my way. I am strong, capable and talented. I have everything I need within me.” I mean, you HAVE to buck yourself up; even when everything is fine, show yourself a little extra love.


-EAT HEARTY+ HEALTHY: Aside from taking a daily supplement, I like to start off my morning with a healthy and filling breakfast. When I have time, I’ll make some steel cut oats and add a banana and/or some strawberries. I also like egg whites with spinach and a slice or two of ezekiel bread. Something filling and healthy is always the way to go and I’ve seen such a difference in how I choose meals throughout the day as a result. I’m less likely to go for that extra large slice of pizza if I start with something like this for breakfast as opposed to a donut or a cinnamon roll.

-PREPARE THE NIGHT BEFORE: My mom used to make me iron and lay my clothes out for school the night before. Of course, as I made my way into adulthood, that kinda took a backseat. I’ve found that a lot morning stress is brought on by fretting about what to wear or looking for things that I’ll need to bring with me to work the next day. Cut the confusion and make sure you have all you’ll need the night before. Pack your purse up, briefcase, or whatever. And for clothes, even if you don’t iron or steam anything, just have it out. That way, you’re not looking for anything in your closet when you know damn well you need to be on the way to work at that point.

If you struggle with having decent mornings, I hope you find a few of these helpful! A few tweaks to what you currently do can set you up to have smoother days. Be a little more intentional about how you go about starting the day!

peace and blessings,