Gratitude Practice: A Dose of Gratitude Part 2

If you caught my previous post on gratitude from a few months ago, you saw I listed out a few random, everyday things I'm grateful for in my life. However, some recent turn of events prompted me to revisit the list. I realized that I wasn't being as gracious and I was allowing myself to get wound up in stress. The purpose of that list was to serve as a reminder for me and anyone else who needs it that even when things are tough, there's always a reason to smile and be thankful. I wrote that list for moments like this, when I really need to see them. Lately, everything hasn't been as peachy on my end as it once was around the time I hit publish on that post, but that's okay. I'm glad I can refer back and be comforted by those words. 

Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.
— Doris Day

SO, "what's the whole point of a part two?", you might ask. Even if you don't, I'm going to tell you anyway. I decided to do a second list so I could rework and make additions to the previous one. I figured this was a perfect time more than ever, so why not? If you're in need of encouragement or just want to take a peek at what I'm grateful for (again), keep on reading.

- I'm grateful for comfortable chairs. Idk why this was the first thing to come to mind because I'm definitely sitting on wooden stool right now.

- I'm grateful for sunshine.

- I'm grateful for my ability to speak and think coherently.

- Thankful for espresso shots and lattes.

- I'm grateful for the option to take trips. Any trip, any vacation, it's lit.

- I'm grateful for the wintertime. I seem to thrive in the cooler weather. So, yeah. This heat can gtf.

- I'm grateful for courteous strangers that hold the door open for you.

- I'm grateful for those few seconds when you lock eyes with someone in public, and you give each other a quick smirk or smile.

- I'm grateful for my little sister. She moved to a different state in April, so I definitely do miss having her around.

- I'm grateful for red wine and the people who spend time trying to perfect the taste. Y'all are truly appreciated.

- I'm forever thankful for fresh cut flowers. They can brighten u

- I'm grateful for solitude. Y'all know i'm a loner at times; I need that time to recharge.

Shedding light on simple things that I might often take for granted has been essential when it comes to keeping my perspective on life in check. I'm glad that I was able to realize when my vibes were getting low. I failed to show gratitude towards the beauty that surrounds me and losing sight of that definitely didn't help my mood. With a greater sense of awareness comes more responsibility. My faith was put to the test since I made it known that I knew no suffering lasts forever. Life said, "oh really, Lyndsey? lol ok. Well lets see." Getting knocked down and feeling defeated is a part of life, but remembering to stay gracious no matter what makes those storms a little less brutal.

peace and blessings,




Feeling Lonely? Read This...

Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man.
— Thomas Wolfe

I always roll my eyes at the accuracy behind the saying: "When it rains it pours" because ugh. Why is it so true? Ain't no light drizzle when things get hectic and there definitely aren't any breaks when it comes down to feeling lonely. 

We all have those moments that hit when we feel helpless, lost, scared and most importantly--completely alone. It's an empty feeling that leaves what feels like just a little room for reinforcements. What's worse is that the feeling can be crippling to the point where it seems as though the storm will never end. 

These past few weeks, I've been experiencing a series of scattered showers in my life. I say that because things we're okay, then good, stuff got a lot better (praise Him), then they got absolutely shitty. Repeat. Rinse and repeat. That's the most accurate way I can describe it.

My emotions seemed to be on a nonstop rollercoaster. I found myself constantly annoyed with the inconsistency of how I was feeling and I really had the hardest time trying to figure out what was causing all of this. I ended up seriously plowing through my feelings on the surface trying to get to the root. Though I'm pretty good about looking on the bright side most times, these past few weeks really got it out of me. I cried, shut people out, spent even more time alone than I usually would; at its peak, this was a shit show in the purest form. I was disappointed in myself for allowing temporary situations to get me all worked up, but then I remembered that it's okay to not be okay and work through your emotions the best way you know how. I learned so much about myself and with time and prayer, I figured out what the problem was: I felt lonely.

I started with something very simple as a means to overcome feeling so down. It might sound silly to some of y'all, but I took my ass to sleep. YES, sleep. Bed. When I look back, I was burnt out, tired, stressed and I wasn't giving myself the basic stuff I know I need like ample rest. Another thing I did was write out any and everything (literally everything) that could've thrown my mood off. What exactly was causing me to feel so lonely? Making a truthful and transparent list made a huuuugeeee difference for me. Seeing things on paper helps in any other situation, so this one was necessary too.

Navigating through your emotions is always a challenge, but it's rewarding when you do the work and find yourself in a better space. You feel so bad ass for stepping up to the plate to handle business, then that feeling is amplified once you start to see progress. 

If you’re currently in a lonely space, please understand that it’s just a feeling and not your reality. You’re bigger and better than whatever it is that has you down in the dumps. It’s hard to do in the moment, but staying focused on better days is something that helped me out..A LOT. Nothing in this life good or bad lasts forever, so I found comfort in the "storm" and just waited for it to pass. In the midst of my tears, I didn't fail to remind myself of just how temporary the situation was.

Show yourself some love, too. I know that when I start to feel down, I tend to neglect self care and doing little things that I know will lift my spirits. I just want to mope and slump and be a big ball of emotions. LOL that's not where it's at, y'all. Focus on the things you love about yourself. Spend time showing gratitude towards every good thing you've got in your life and you'll start to feel better. Though the time frame varies from person to person, it WILL happen if you believe it will. You've got the power. You've always had the power. If you're reading this, I love you. Don't let loneliness keep you down.

peace and blessings,





March Favorites

The month doesn't have to be over for me to deem these few things as my current faves, plus I already know they'll be around in the months to come. It usually takes me a while to decide if I truly like a product, so that's how you know these are all absolutely Lyndsey certified. I wanna get y'all hip and in the know so here we go....


First of all, you don't even need to light this baby up because the fragrance hits you as soon as you unbox it. I'd been eyeing this candle for a minute (since Christmas), so I'm glad I decided to go ahead and buy it. It was the last one in stock and the clerk said she didn't think they'd be restocking them--ever. I HAD to get it. That was my sign. The packaging and candle itself is so adorable...truly adorable to the point where I just want to have it on display. Currently, it's just on display. Lol I'll burn my cheaper candles in the meantime.


As you can see from the picture above, I'm almost out of this spray. This stuff makes my face feel so refreshed every time I use it and leaves me with a nice glow-y finish. I will definitely be buying this again. Like, I'm be buying more today when I get off work actually.


I talked about this brand of lipgloss in my previous beautified on a budget post. This gloss is still around and still VERY relevant to my everyday makeup routine. I'm talking everyday use. I have several shades and they're only $ yeah, there's that. Get your life. 


Isabel is a sweetheart who debuted her podcast just a few short weeks ago. I had a chit chat with her last year about being confident and manifesting, so definitely check out that post we did for reference. Her podcast piggybacks on some of the same stuff we talked about, and she also goes in depth about the law of attraction as well as the importance of creating and living your best life. Y'all give the podcast a listen and leave her some love! You won't be disappointed.

What have been some of your favorite things this month? Let me know in the comments! (:

peace and blessings,